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Skin Bleaching Recipes

 The market is today awash with skin whitening products, but  many of them either don't work, and they end up doing more damage than good. Some Products are simply too soft, whereas others contain harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals, and if you are  like me, you won't want chemicals anywhere a close of your skin, and most definitely not on your face.

Nowadays, there are various factors which can lead to dark spots  on a person's skin. They can be caused by longterm using chemical based skin care products, just as they can be caused by contaminants, pollutants, or from spending too much time in the sun.

Unlike what skin care manufacturers can tell you, skin lightening products that are designed to be applied directly to individual spots can never give you the sort of results you are hoping for. Rather, such products make the appearance of spots even worse, because while they might whiten the dark spots, they also end up lightening the skin which surrounds the spots, thereby making the spots look even largest and bigger. There are however some natural skin whitening creams which functioning by gradually mixing the different skin tones, and these are the only type which I recommend.

Whether you decide to use a productt available on the market, you can whiten skin tone progressively and safely by using one or other homemade recipes. Below are three such recipes, and the good thing about these is the fact that they also benefit your skin in other ways too.

Homemade Skin Bleaching Recipes


1-Lemon Cream  and   Mask Sour

Combine two heaped table spoons of sour cream or unflavored natural yogurt with one spoon of lemon juice and two spoons of olive oil. Lemon juice is quite a potent whitening agent, rarely this recipe may  be unsuitable, especially when one already has exceptionally dry skin.

 2-Magic fruit strawberry Mask

Take  cup of sliced cucumber and mix together with a cup of chopped strawberries and a cup of chopped apricots. Blend in a mixer for forming a nice stiff paste, which you can then apply to your face in the evenings after you have had your shower or bath. Leave on for a 30 minutes and then rinse with warm water. This is a very good whitening mask for those who have sensitive or dry   skin, and if done regularly, it can also help to reduced wrinkles.

3- Age-Old Oatmeal Mask

For this skin whitening mask you'll need  2- heaped spoons of sour cream or plain yogurt, 2 spoons of good quality oatmeal, and one or 2 spoons of red win. Blend this ingredients together to form a nice paste and then apply liberally. Ideally, this mask should be used regularly - at least once a week.
This three recipes  work exceptional very well, but of course their effectiveness can be improved if they are used alongside a good all-natural skin whitening cream. All these masks, while essentially designed for use on the face, can be used on any zone of the body, where they should likewise be left on for about 30 min each time.

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