5 Best Recipes To Lighten Dark Skin Safely


 To get bleach skin naturally is the best approach since many hydroquinone based creams have serious secondary effects. Even if you get light skin using chemical based creams, glycolic acid or laser treatments, you could have secondary effects like hyperpigmentation or dark spots.

 The five recipes below use natural and safe ingredients that have strong whitening properties and will helping you get bleach skin you're happy with with no side effects. Plus, learn more successful skin whitening tips that you can start today.

How To Lighten Dark Skin Safely

 1- Get Light Skin With- Turmeric and Rose Water

 Make a turmeric powder paste, you can easily found it in most grocery stores, and rose water and apply to your face as a mask for 20 minutes every night.

 Carefully wash off with warm water and apply your regular moisturizer. This a tried and true ayurvedic recipe and consistency with this regimen will help you get bleach skin as it has many indian women.

 2- Lemon Juice or Lime Juice To Whiten Dark Skin

 Lemons contain active enzymes that eliminate dead skin cells and whiten pigment. Blend the juice of half a lime or lemon into your favorite cleanser. Thoroughly wash your face as usual but be prudent to avoid your eyes. After washing, it is important to apply a strong sunscreen because lemon juice or lime juice will make your skin photosensitive.

 3- Get Light Skin With Papaya Soap

For years papaya soap has helped Filipino women to lighten their dark complexions with The active enzyme called papain. In addition being a natural skin lightener, papaya is a very great moisturizer and also rich with vitamins C,E, A and that promotes healthy, glowing skin.

Get Light Skin With Papaya Soap

4- Get Light Skin With L-Glutathione Soap Helps

A lot of people have great skin whitening results with L-Glutathione soap because of the antioxidant ingredients like vitamins C and E rosehip oil, alpha lipoid acid and grape seed. Look for it in natural beauty supply stores or online.

 5- Get Light Skin With Lemon Water Tonic

So often we are so busy using whitening treatments on the outside, that we forget the inside. If you squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a 8 oz. glass of water and drink that every morning, you will be amazed how much glowing brighter, and lighter your skin is.

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